Padica yumi bag

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  • Yumi Bag of Padica : we have been running this product for 3 years and well received by kyudo professionals and practitioners. 
  • Feedback from customer to ask for some more sophisticated product, more personality. 
  • We replied with a patched goat skin Yumi Bag. Limited edition. Less than 10 units in production. In 3 Color styles : ostrich Look, brown patched and blue-red mixed. Keep the EVA protection on both ends.
Product  spec:

Material : Goat skin patched works and nylon zipper.

Yon-Sun Nobi Size : 235 X 6 X 8 cm
Internal Space Size : maximum for 2 (in Nisun Nobi and Yonsun Nobi size)
Folded Size : 28 X 38 cm
Weight : 850gm
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China, Hong Kong, Macau 13 USD 3 USD
Taiwan 20 USD 5 USD
North Korea, Japan 28 USD 6 USD
Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines 30 USD 7 USD
New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea 33 USD 9 USD
United States 37 USD 12 USD
Greece, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Canada, France, Switzerland, Netherlands 44 USD 12 USD
Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Laos, Bangladesh, Turkey, India, Nepal 47 USD 13 USD
Israel, Ukraine, Mexico, Poland, French Guiana, Peru, Jordan, Argentina, Panama, Colombia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Cuba, Hungary, Brazil, Russian 52 USD 16 USD
Congo, Egypt, Mozambique, Qatar, South Africa, Iran, Cayman Islands, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Cyprus, Syrian Arab Republic, Burkina Faso, Rwanda, Croatia (local name: Hrvatska), Botswana, Equatorial Guinea, Romania, Ghana, Latvia, Oman, Djibouti, Morocco, Uganda, Chad, Gabon, Kuwait, Bahrain, Mali, Kazakhstan, Niger, Saudi Arabia, Madagascar, Estonia 69 USD 19 USD