Padica Bean Roll

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A bag for everyday, everywhere, everyone. 一个随身包,日日用,任何场合,任何人。Unit Price : USD 24-30.


Beanroll 豆卷


Everyday Bag 每天你都带上

  • Every day we go out and bring along personal essentials, such as mobile phones and wallets.
  • On the way, you may have to add in an A4 folder, some grocery or a pair of new shoe. Beanroll can fit best.


  • 每天外出都会带上东西,必不可少的是手机及钱包等私人物品。
  • 路上,可能要带上一个A4文件夹,一点水果,买了一双布鞋,我们豆卷均可妥帖装上,手袋变身成购物袋。


One Bag 一个口袋

  • There are no extra pockets, zippers or snaps, just a single strap and the bag has only one opening. It may be difficult to find things in a deep pocket, but the advantage is that you only need to go to one place, no other. It must there.


  • 没有多余口袋、拉链或卡扣。只有一条背带,袋身只有一个口,可能找东西困难,但好处是只需要找一个地方,一定在那。


Strap Carrying 肩带使用

  • In shoulder-carrying mode, the diagonal strap keeps the opening right on your arm position.
  • The opening of bag is forward, and the opening can be sealed by simply rolling up and inserting a buckle. It is maximum security. Things inside would be 100% protected.


  • 当你单肩使用斜带,豆卷便保持开口在手部位置。
  • 袋口向前,简单的卷上袋口,把扣插上便把袋口封上,不怕东西外露出来。


Why Minimalism 极简主义

  • There is only one buckle to lock the mouth of the bag, which is also function as the carrying handle.
  • The strap can be released at the bottom, completely disappearing into the body of the bag.
  • Why the strap is not detachable? To reduce number of parts. That is minimalism.


  • 只用一个插扣,锁住袋口,便是手挽位。
  • 甚至背带也可以底部除下,完全消失在袋身。
  • 为减少零件,背带不可拆,与袋口织带一体延申,更是永久使用。
Product spec:

size : 40 x 30 cm, 13 × 16 inch

Shipping size : 18 x 11 x 4 cm, 7 x 4.5 x 1.5 inch

Weight : 0.13 kg

Material : Cosmopolitan Series in 11 color,

2 styles of surface material : 300D Matte Nylon and Silky Nylon

S7 - Silk Black, S24 - Silk Silver, S26 - Silk White, S21 - Silk Gold

N41 - Grass Green, N21 - Egg White, N82 - Lake Blue, N5 - Matte Black, N77 - Coffee, N95 - Matte Silver, N60 - Snow White

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China, Hong Kong, Macau 13 USD 3 USD
Taiwan 20 USD 5 USD
North Korea, Japan 28 USD 6 USD
Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines 30 USD 7 USD
New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea 33 USD 9 USD
United States 37 USD 12 USD
Greece, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Canada, France, Switzerland, Netherlands 44 USD 12 USD
Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Laos, Bangladesh, Turkey, India, Nepal 47 USD 13 USD
Israel, Ukraine, Mexico, Poland, French Guiana, Peru, Jordan, Argentina, Panama, Colombia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Cuba, Hungary, Brazil, Russian 52 USD 16 USD
Congo, Egypt, Mozambique, Qatar, South Africa, Iran, Cayman Islands, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Cyprus, Syrian Arab Republic, Burkina Faso, Rwanda, Croatia (local name: Hrvatska), Botswana, Equatorial Guinea, Romania, Ghana, Latvia, Oman, Djibouti, Morocco, Uganda, Chad, Gabon, Kuwait, Bahrain, Mali, Kazakhstan, Niger, Saudi Arabia, Madagascar, Estonia 69 USD 19 USD