Kyudo Accessory Organiser

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Beside the basic set of Kyudo equipment (bow, arrows, archer’s glove, and spare bowstring), Kyudo has a lot of small items and accessories for equipment maintenance works. Padica Kyudo Accessory Organiser is a foldable platform with multi removable bags which allow you to tailor your own system and organise your tools in convinces sequence. The cover clothes is made by vintage Kimono. The pattern demonstrates the sprite of Japanese traditional handicraft.


Kyudo Accessory Orga Features

  • Versatile and lightweight accessories organiser specifically designed for Kyudo participants.
  • Durable and Washable, canvas construction to keep tools and accessories in place and protect the tips
  • Roll-up design provides great flexibility in space management.
  • Multiple removable pouches has great flexibility for organising your accessories.
  • Two open pockets for frequently accessing stuffs like giriko-ire and waraji.
  • Limited quantity for 3 selection : pattern, stripe and background design. 
  • Surface material : Japanese genuine textile with traditional design.
Product  spec:

Roll up Size :23x12*4~6 cm.

Spread Size: 23x40 cm

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