Padica - brand story

By designer -for designer. With years of Apple product experience, we are committed to produce the best peripheral for Apple innovation.

Padica is designed with the passion to make the Apple innovation more user friendly, more humane and more target orientated. Care, is the keyword in designing every items under our brand. We start from our user experience, play with the item from every manners, come up with most creative design, select a suitable material to fulfill the product requirement.

Design team of Padica come every corners of the world : Canada, New York, Hong Kong and final assemble in China.

And last of all, Padica the brand name comes from the wording : the iPad I care.

Contact email : Stephen Siu /

Padica 品牌故事



Padica就是 The Pad i care 的拼写,紧随苹果产品的创意,设计出最好的用户经验的产品。

联系邮箱:Stephen Siu /