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1.Trio Set

yumi bag, organiser and dogi bag.
Three basic items for a kyudo professional.

Nisun Yumi Set USD 90 Save USD 30 Saving up to 25% Yonsun Yumi Set USD 103 Save USD 30 Saving up to 22.5%

2.Buddy Traveller

A pair of yumi bag for friends to go.
Not bad for a group tour.

2 Nisun Yumi Set USD 78 Save USD 30 Saving up to 27.8% 2 Yonsun Yumi Set USD 99 Save USD 35 Saving up to 26.1%

3.Organiser Set Of 4

Our kimono textile turn organiser is best fit to your personal items during practice.
Bundle set of 4 for friends to buy together, save money and share experience together.

Organiser Set Of 4 Set USD 80 Save USD 32 Saving up to 28.6%

4. 3 Dogi Bag

Dogi is more than a covering, a protection. It is the spirit and ritual of the kyudo.
Protect it flat and square, the dogi greets you warm and happy.

3 Dogi Bag USD 80 Save USD 32 Saving up to 28.6%

5.Jumbo Bag + 2 Organiser

Jumbo bag is designed for kyudo clubs all over the world.
Keep a unit at hand and anytime can fly to destination with a safely trip, for your yumi.
The organiser can be a nice gift.

Special Discount USD 140 Save USD 56 Saving up to 28.7%